Universe of Stars 星の界

It’s been a while since my son Kenji went back to Morioka, Iwate pref., and having done with refurbishing the Hanase house, I am idling these days, just sitting in front of a computer all day long. Just now, I stumbled on a Youtube movie that showed my name, and it turned out to be a promotion video Kenji made for a comic artist.
息子の賢治が岩手の盛岡に帰ってしばらく経つが、花背の家の直しも済んで僕は日がな一日コンピューターの前に座ってだらけている今日このごろ、、、。した らついさっき僕の名前が出てくるYoutube動画に出くわした。そんでそれはある漫画家のために賢治が制作したPVだった。

I provided Kenji with a piece of music that I played with a morin khuur and a karimba couple of months ago so as for him to use it in the background of the video. When he phoned me, he explained that the video would be used in a local manga event in Morioka. If I knew the video would be uploaded to Youtube, I should have played it better (or at least edited it to make the sound better)… Uh… I wasn’t able to in anyway, was I?