Today’s homework project 今日の工作

2016-05-29 09.02.40ModWorried about rust of my old Fiat 500, I have searched for an effective rust-prevention means, and remembered an electrical device I used to use for my pickup truck in Hokkaido. That one was really working (so I believe) and the truck never got rusty.

There are various types of the anti-rust device on market, but they are all so expensive that I can’t afford to buy one. On a network auction, I found and bought a secondhand device that was reasonably priced, but unfortunately, it was out of order when arrived, and I had to return it to the seller.

I continued searching and finally found one, which was even more inexpensive than the used one I bought before. It doesn’t look great, comes in a cheapie plastic casing with a simple label on it, and is sold on the website also as simple and plane.

However, or therefore, I like that, and somehow feel that the whole business is so honestly run without affectation. The shop carries (and actually manufactures) electrical and electronic apparatuses all of which look as if they are kits of electronic circuits for science-minded high school students.
それでも、ていうか、だからこそ、こいつは気に入った。なんかこう、見かけ倒しじゃない正直な商売してるな、って感じ。この店(Project Dress Co.)は科学好きな高校生のための電子回路工作キットみたいな電子装置を売ってる(ていうか作ってるし)。

In today’s afternoon, I really enjoyed making the insulated anodes, wiring and installing the device to my Cinquecento. I am sure the stuff will work.

2016-05-28 18.58.20 HDRMod


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