I thought winter had gone…

It was a good fine day today, so that I slipped in my Fiat 500 to get to the mountain house.

Just about reaching the mountain pass, it started to snow. I was worried about the tires, which were not for snowed or frozen road.

2016-03-24 13.55.33

When I arrived, it looked the weather had recovered, but soon the situation started to get even worse. Then I decided to do stuff only for a few hours or so to be able to get back home before sunset.
2016-03-24 14.05.12

2016-03-24 14.15.00 HDR

2016-03-24 15.32.40

2016-03-24 16.29.53

I was sort of hurry to work, and made a major bummer– stepped on an old nail, which pierced the shoe sole and stuck in the thenar of my left foot so deep. It’s swollen and still aching even now…

2016-03-25 10.56.13Mod

Oh, well… I quit the day’s work much earlier, for it seemed a bad idea to continue in the miserable now with an aching foot. I thought I could have got more injury; the work of the day was mainly with a circular saw, which is very dangerous.

On the way back, the thermometer at the pass indicated “-1″(degree, Celsius= below freezing point).  There wasn’t much snow and the road surface wasn’t frozen yet, but if I went there after dark… uhhh… I don’t even wanna think…

2016-03-24 17.05.46