Almost there

2016-04-02 14.34.12 HDR  Here comes the cherry blossom season.

Yesterday, I took these photos shown down below.  The cherry trees were beautifully flowering then, but if you walk or drive down the streets of Kyoto today, you will come across cherry trees even closer to their full-blossom culmination; only one day makes a big difference, for it’s been warm enough these days.

I don’t care much about SNS any more and don’t even glance my eye at the posts, but there must be a lot of cherry blossom photos all over in the timelines in this time of the year in Japan as usual. And I, too, don’t hesitate to show off just another cherry pics here– meaning I am, after all, just another Japanese crazy about the gorgeous but fragile and transient cherry blossom.

Buttan, holding up a placard, imprisoned

“Buttan”, the mascot of Bukkyo Univ (Butsudai), is seen everywhere on campus of the school but rarely recognized by public except for the students. Even the neighbors don’t know of him. I live in the vicinity of Butsudai and only Buttan I meet is behind bars… Sad.

(I used to be a student of the UW-Madison, whose mascot was Bucky Badger. His images were flooding in Madison and everybody knew him– appearing on the milk bottles in supermarkets and printed even on the condom packets on a shelf by the checkout counter of a convenience store.)

2016-04-01 23.28.37 2016-04-01 23.28.35