Taking her back home


In the WP blog post, I mentioned a small stuffed doll that I found the other day.

I am not a *Hello Kitty* fan at all, rather a Miffy fan, but I couldn’t leave the poor Kitty doll behind, couldn’t stand seeing it becoming weather-beaten when I come back here some time… So I decided to take her back home, but I don’t know what to do with this tiny stuffed doll.
僕はぜんぜんキティちゃんファンなんかじゃない、ていうか、どっちかいうとうさこちゃん(ミッフィー)のファンなんだけど、かわいそうなお人形を放ったら かしてはおけず、いつかここに戻ってきて雨ざらしで傷んでいくのを見るのも嫌だったし、、、 そんで、うちに連れて帰ることにしたんだ。でも、このちっこ いぬいぐるみ人形を一体どうしたらええのん?

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Once there was a cherry tree

Just a few years ago, I found a cherry tree in a vacant land with weeds and remnants of fallen building walls. The cherry was in full bloom then, and the wind was blowing off the flower petals like snow flakes falling and whirling around.

That was such a beautiful place on the nicely terraced and banked terrain, with rubbish in the weeds, graffiti on the ruined walls, and the tire swing hung from the cherry tree; although the lot was nothing but a small patch of abandoned land, it had everything a kid could dream of. And I WAS a kid as I just stood there.

2016-04-11 12.52.31Today, the cherry tree has been cut down, the swing gone, the wire fence mended so as to keep out kids from trespassing.

2016-04-11 12.53.08Warning notes are posted on the fence: “This is a municipally owned land. Withdraw the plants and the storage immediately, for private use is considered illegal occupation. If in case of no withdrawal, they are to be removed by the City of Kyoto. Please understand.”

Now I know who cut down the cherry tree…

2016-04-11 12.52.03Just down below the warning was a small stuffed doll left and forgotten. The doll was of “Hello Kitty” in a dinosaur (or monster) costume, which reminded me of the picture book “Where the Wild Things Are” by Mauice Sendak.

What an adventitious miracle! I was a Max every time I came here. Although I just stood by the fence and didn’t actually play with the swing, my mind was running around among the weeds and playing with the Things nobody else could see.

When I came home tonight, I didn’t find a hot supper waiting for me, though.