iPad mini, (b)rainstorm and cherry petals

2016-04-08 04.25.59ModI bought a used iPad mini a fer days ago to replace an aged (meaning obsolete) car navigation system. For the price, the iPad looks good but there is always a catch if you grab cheap stuff; its Wi-Fi connection is very unstable. The thing did get connected once or twice out of hundreds of tries. I have had to spend the whole day and night ever since yesterday to figure out what’s wrong with it, but so far, it doesn’t seem to be worked out.

2016-04-08 07.17.28ModHaving stayed up all night to struggle with the whimsical device in vain, I finally 2016-04-08 07.11.43Mod became sick and tired to solve the problem, and I stepped out of my house this morning in order to breathe fresh air. I am not an early bird, but it’s good to walk in the crisp air at the crack of dawn. As soon as opening the door, I found what yesterday’s heavy rain and strong wind have done to the cherry tree about ten yards from my house.2016-04-08 07.13.19Mod