Getting ready for the Nocanan mini concert

A music-story-telling unit called “Nocanan” (my friend Haruhiko Saga and his wife Takako) will perform at the former Tea House in the Nishijin district, Kyoto, on April 21.

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2016-04-17 01.51.03
The music CD for a souvenir.

To compensate the audience for the expensive ticket, I am going to give away everyone of the audience a music CD containing Saga’s Morin Khuur tunes.

He played the “Oshirasama Morin Khuur” I made while traveling in the Tohoku and Hokkaido regions one and a half years ago. I was so happy that he liked my work and its sound. I almost cried out when he played the rough and rustic instrument just for me in a dark midnight park where no one else is around.
“Making of Oshirasama Morin Khuur”

In the morning of my departure to complete the last leg of my Tohoku-Hokkaido jurney, Saga kindly recorded five pieces of music, which are in the CD above-mentioned. The CDs have been burned with the labels and jackets printed, and packaged already.

2016-04-16 23.40.42Mod
The view from the stage
2016-04-16 23.50Panorama
The side view of the make-shift theater
2016-04-17 00.02.10Panorama
The stage for twosome

Aside from the CD, I have set up the stage in the former Tea House. It is so small and can accommodate only 15 people as the audience. That was the reason for the high entrance fee. Although small, the stage has the wooden floor made of hinoki planks that are considered to be the best material for the stage board. thus the term “hinoki butai (hinoki stage)” = on the first-class stage, or more metaphorically, be in the limelight.

Now that the show biz stuff is ready, only thing yet to be done is to tidy my place. The house is now full of mess! (and of course no photo of it here). I have been busy fixing my another house in Hanase and neglected the house in Haradani, which the Sagas are going to stay in. However, I am not necessarily good at putting things away… and the time is running out…





まあ、ショー売の話はさておき、まだやることがある。花背の家の修理にかまけて、原谷の家が放ったらかしになり、物やゴミの散らかり具合のエゲツナイこと!(当然、写真はナシ)。嵯峨さん一家が泊まりにくる前に何とかしないと。。。(でも僕は掃除、嫌いなんだよねえ、、、と言ってるうちに時間が迫る! ふう〜)


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