New Sound Device experimenting

New Sound Device experimenting

2016-06-03 23.50.26

Having recently obtained a set of sound speakers (not for PC with the mini jack), I am working on a new device that connects ordinary speakers to a computer via USB port. The bare circuit board was a supplement to a science magazine or something, and I bought it secondhand.

2016-06-03 23.50.15

So far so good, though I am worried that the speakers’ impedance is a little bit lower than that of the board; the sound outcome from my ThinkPad is way far better, as long as the volume doesn’t go beyond the 75% level, at which the sound roars like thunders.

2016-06-03 23.49.26

I will test the device on the fake Mac, uh no, check that, something I am dreaming of, which is undergoing OS upgrading from Maverick to El Capitan, and will see if the stuff works on OSX, too.

2016-06-05 02.48.14