A chance reunion after a quarter century 四半世紀後の邂逅

Snowmen and Scarecrow [then]
“A chance reunion after a quarter century” 「四半世紀後の邂逅」

These guys are my sons I made 25 years ago. One day, I had an opportunity to be a guest of a radio program my friend hosted then, and having known that I was a sculptor, the directer of the program, Mr. T, afterwards asked me to make something as a birthday present for his little daughter.

I don’t remember how I came up with the idea of tic-tac-toe with the pieces of snowmen and scarecrows. However, I do recall that I really enjoyed making these figures.

Sometime after finishing the present, I moved to Hokkaido and lost touch with the directer, but never forgot that work I made.

Several weeks ago, I had a Facebook friend request from a person I couldn’t remember for sure, so that I wrote a message to him to confess that I couldn’t recognize him. He replied without introducing himself and simply showed the photo (above) of the “snowmen vs scarecrow” game pieces along with a small fir-shaped shelf that also I made. Ping! Now, it was doubtlessly he, Mr. T!

Snowmen and Scarecrow [now]
Boy, they had gotten old! After all those years, the papier-mâché guys had lost some parts and the coloration tattered, but I was so glad and excited to see them again. I managed to dig out the photo of the same pieces that I took when they were new, and send it back. Mr. T said it was hard for him to handle FB, so his daughter on be half of him wrote the rest of the messages, She, too, was excited to see the old picture I sent. What a wonderful night, tonight.

Circumambulating the Tower of the Sun

2016-06-12 12.29.10

Circumambulating the Tower of the Sun 太陽の塔を右繞する

I wasn’t necessarily impressed by the Tower of the Sun when the Expo ’70 was open in Osaka. I was only a lad of nineteen then and regarded Taro Okamoto’s monumental tower as an epigone of Joan Miró‘s or some sort. It wasn’t until much later I became fully grown up that I realized Okamoto’s works, albeit influenced by Miro, were really something and unique. However, kids today love the Tower of the Sun so much, and to be honest, I am envious of their innate impressionability to art. I wish I had artistic aesthesia like them, too.

The other day, I visited the Expo Park and I circumambulated the Tower of the Sun in spite of my self, just like I did around Buddhist Temples in Tibet, though I was in a hurry on the way to the National Museum of Ethnology. Is the Tower becoming not just an objet d’art but an object of worship for me or something?

Uh, the video was taken on the way back, though. あ、ビデオは帰り道のやつだけどね。